MalcIgg Publications

Well this is it, my oft thought and planned idea of a place to write my collection of thoughts on and provide gaming material for others to enjoy.

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The new plan and material comes from earning less money!

Less Money?! Fewer Hours?! What am I thinking!!

Somewhere between brave & stupid, you decide… Yet I have negotiated down my working hours, to 30 a week. Working a four-day week Tuesday – Friday, leaving me Monday as an opportunity to work on my own projects.

What I’m I going to be doing?

I will build an online presence through a blog and web articles based on the game of Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop & board games. I aim to have 1-2 saleable products released towards the end of this trial period. These will be simple pdf products, cheap but with an active audience to buy them both now and in the longer term.


I’ve previously used MalcIggRpg as a place for my thoughts & experience with solo gaming, but that died off as I started back into D&D round the table with friends.
I now run one game and play in another – so, no time for solo stuff – I’m keeping the material, but will not be updating it at all.