Here Be Dragons…

Well this is it, my oft thought and planned idea of a place to write my collection of thoughts on and provide gaming material for others to enjoy.

The Cast of Thousands, The Props for the Cast, and other material all accessible below, or through the burger menu top left of this page.

My latest Blog Posts / News can be found here.

Cast of Thousands

The people of the game worlds, the characters…

Here you’ll find a selection of characters, either for players or as NPC’s.

A short backstory with some hooks into game worlds. Along with pre filled character sheets making them ready for play.

Props for the Cast

The magical McGuffins, the aids to adventure, the tools of the trade

Background and game details for all manner of weapons, potions, shields to be found here.

Including ‘Vestiges’, Legendary Artefacts that grow in power over time, and use.

Off the Edge of the Map

Because we can never just follow the path or plan before us

An assortment of Monsters, Locations, Reviews, WIP updates on larger projects etc

My earlier writing on Solo Gaming is also found from here

Any thoughts, comments or feedback let me know below, or go ‘Behind the Screen’ and use the contact form here

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