Yep – the blog & site have been a ghost town, but I’m still here…

Lots of stuff, good & bad have happened last couple of months, and I just didn’t get the motivation I needed to pick this up in anyway.

That’s going to change!

If anyone out there are NFL fans – you may have come across a segment called ‘Bold Predictions’ – I now have opted for ‘Bold Commitments’ as a way forward.

I am going to blog something gaming related – every day of Nov 2015.

Might only be a short thought or even question, but I’m challenging myself to spend at least 1 hour a day doing or thinking gaming related stuff, and posting a blog article.

Some of it will be stuff kicking around in my head already – some will be sparked by the #sologamingappreciationmonth2015 community event.

Yes some maybe ‘written’ beforehand, maybe spend a few hours on longer posts at the weekend etc.

But something each and every day will be posted to ONE PLAYER MANY STAGES.

Wish me luck!


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