Day #3 – Post #3 – Actual Game Play – SoloQuest – Supers

Right time to get an actual game play session in, a bit outside everything else I’m doing, but I’m deliberately spreading my energy around at the moment – I’ll dive into something heavier at the weekend.

I’m going to Use the very simple SoloQuest by Ross Wilkin with a superhero theme. I just watched the 2nd episode of Supergirl – and it stuck in my head!

One significantCobalt Girl change in the rules – I think Ross means it to be roll over [Opponents Defence – Your Strength] on the D8 in combat – otherwise high strength hinders rather than helps! – Unless I’m reading something very wrong.

So we have the opening of an adventure of Cobalt Girl – just 5 encounter parts tonight, more to follow and maybe a story to go with it all ;).

The image is from the very old HeroMachine which I still like to use. A version I have managed to get working from my drive rather than the web, leads to bigger images.

Cobalt Girl

  • Strength :1
  • Talent: 2
  • Power: 1
  • Defence: 1
  • Charm: 0
  • Evaluate: 1
  • Melee: 2
  • Ranged: 0

Actual Game Play.

  1. Enemy: Def: 1    Str: 2      Hp 4 Defeated (CG at HP: 6)
  2. Social: D20: 11: A witch curses you – Fail next encounter etc
  3. Enemy; Max Stats; Def; 2 Str 2; Hp 6 Defeated (CG at HP: 4)
  4. Trap 4 Damage unless dodged – 4 Damage taken. (CG at Hp=6)
  5. Enemy: Def 2 Str 1 Hp 4 Defeated (CG at HP: 3)

So the start of an adventure, I think I have maybe the first half of a comic book, throwing in some more details from Cobalt Girl’s real persona, does she have a normal life too?

On the game system itself – I think it might just be a bit broken, I seemed to be rolling to just avoid 1’s on the combat D8, which I put in to avoid automatic hits…

I must be reading it very wrong somewhere – Maybe you can help me straighten it out. But regardless I have a new character and a half story to write at some point…


One thought on “Day #3 – Post #3 – Actual Game Play – SoloQuest – Supers

  1. Thank you! I thought I was crazy. Enemy Def – Your Strength as an upper limit is just wrong. It’d 4/1/16 and I’m playing the original 2006 version PDF and pulling my hair out.


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