Day #4 – Post #4a – Actual Group play….

Today’s post was always at risk – I have actual Shadowrun group play on Wednesday evening, between 6-11pm.

2/3rds of our way though a connected set of encounters, it’s now time for the group to take on the classic ‘infiltrate high security corporate offices, to retrieve data that is kept 100% offline’

In this case the data is evidence of serious malpractice / racism by the Seattle governor Brakhaven, who we are looking to get out of power!

I am very tempted to take a ‘fork’ of my current character in the group as for part of my solo running team, so I may introduce you all to “Izzy”, my Decker & Physical Adept shortly.

Might also make an unrelated, ‘real’ Day #4 – Post #4b

Catch you on the flipside chummers 😉


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