Day #6 – Post #5 – Adventure Module Creation

Ok so I missed a day; long tough day in the office left me just needing to turn off.

So today I start something big(ish?); I’m going to have a crack at writing an adventure module.I will set it in on The Island of Eilean Dubh, with start of the adventure in the village of Eridholm.

It will be short & simple, around 20 encounters to match the original core adventure in scale & weight.

So I’m in a fairly typical medieval fantasy setting, and using the follwing to help;

So off to the charts with my D12 – and the bare bones come back as;

Contact Local Temple
Adventure Rescue
Location Swamp
Who Explorers
Antagonists Assassins
Complication Time Limit
Dramatic Conflict Reputation

Well most of that works right off the page, yet;

  • I don’t have a Swamp handy but that should be easily changed
  • The Assassins don’t seam to work with a kidnapping & rescue mission
  • I’ll make the “explorers” needing rescuing to be a ‘team’ of just 1
  • The ‘Reputation’ could relate to some kind of public declaration of the rescue effort, so would lead to the temple losing face if it failed

I’m going to let that all stew in my  head a while, and come back to this tomorrow…


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