Day #9 – Post #6 – Distractions & Solo War Gaming

Ok so the weekend was kind of a bust with regards to the blog & solo stuff….

But I did win (bigish) playing poker, went to an Ice Hockey game, felt drained but then stayed up late to watch the NFL, so today at work wasn’t great 😉

But Hurrah! I’m not going in tomorrow 🙂 loads of material coming! 

Another distraction over the weekend was; Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch (the PC enhanced edition) I’m an old school player of 40K, starting back when it was still called Rouge Trader and had Squats, (Space Dwarves, I’ve never found out why they were dropped from the game, any clues?)

However it did bring me to the final thread of my multi-purpose month of solo madness. Solo War Gaming, probably the oldest solo gaming endeavour…

Sun Tzu says “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.” and what more than calculations is ‘simulation’.

I’m going to look at using the good old PC as a digital battlefield with simulated units and terrain. The idea behind abstracting everything this way is to reduce the massive costs, space & time requirements that a big battle requires. It probably helps that I have 24″ widescreen monitor to use, but the idea’s should all translate to smaller screens.

With Hexograhper I plan to create some interesting battlefields for Fantasy war gaming importing them into Excel (as a background image) then gives so much freedom. Using shapes as units and Excel cells to help with measurements a decent simulation of a battlefield should be achievable.

I have no solo war gaming experience at all so I’m going to start out with the free Chronicles of Blood, based in the same world as the solo game book system,

I also played Battletech way back when – so a hex map with individual characters, is something I may look at if I can find a good system for skirmishers (I want to play some nearly real 40K thanks to Deathwatch…) – Any suggestions?

Any thoughts on other software or tools to simulate battlefields, units etc digitally?


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