Day #29 – Post #7 – I failed this Blog

Yep the November post everyday self challenge was a complete bust.

I’m deliberately writing this down for 3 reasons

  • firstly as a reminder & motivation to myself
  • secondly as a warning to others
  • thirdly as a continuation of an email from Kenny of SoloRoleplayer

Many Solo gamers are probably aware of http://soloroleplayer.com/.

This website & blog has loads of good stuff for new Solo players (and probably experienced ones too – I haven’t got that far to know)

But his last email only update (so yep get on his mailing list) was about failing, but failing fast and often.

I failed this blog in big massive chunks of inaction, due to dissatisfaction, distraction, and then disinterest.

So taking the core of Kenny’s last email, that suggests

Failing Fast, Failing Often.

The reason behind failing fast and often is your great idea is hiding behind lots of rubbish ideas. The best way to find your great idea is to fail often, fail fast, and keep on searching for your wow campaign.

I want to add to this thought something I’ve heard a few times,

Fail Forward

If we accept we are going to fail, then fail forward.

That is to find something from that failure,

I’m going to write down why it failed, what wasn’t satisfactory, what prevented or made it more of a challenge to go back to.

I’m going to do a bit of public failing forward in the next few blog posts.

Then I’m going Fail Fast, Fail Often and Fail Forward

Until I’m winning

NB: I have no commercial connection to http://soloroleplayer.com/ or Kenny, neither have I used any of the services or products he promotes. I just think he has some good stuff and is probably a really good guy 😉





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