Downtime & Inspiration…

Well its been a little while, but I’m back….

Things keep happening in the real world, but with a few days between the Holidays to myself (uncommon for me…) I was getting some Solo (and group) RPG printouts organised – hoping for inspiration to hit…

And it did – with Schweig’s Themed Dungeon Generator

“What if the dungeon wasn’t a dungeon…” 

What hit me was the idea of a crashed ship, but ships aren’t very big so that soon became a crashed spaceship / starship…

[Though as a side thought, a big galleon beached without too much damage might have room enough for a solo adventurer (or pair of)  and reasonable encounters…]

Yep the Warhammer 40K in me said ‘Space hulk’ or Deathwing, but I’m going to try find ways to avoid some of the obvious tropes.

Following on from that the idea of infiltrating an alien hive with a scouts becomes more of the standard dungeon delve.

In a modern (or near future) setting a maximum security prison in the midst of a riot/breakout being subdued by SWAT sounds like a plan…

I’m going to try using Dungeon Squad II {DSII} to play straight up fantasy game to try out the dungeons that Schwig includes and to test what (if any) adjustments need to be made for the Encounters table

I do like that Schweig’s Themed Dungeon Generator {STDG} shares the mechanic of ‘escalating encounters’ with Chronicles of Arax.

So as a rough plan…

  • Test play of ‘Typical Goblin Lair’ with DSII as mechanic
  • Review changes to STDG Encounters required for DSII System
  • Re Test with ‘Ruined Wizards Labyrinth

Then it’s on to changes required to DSII to handle Sci-Fi / Ultra Modern or look for a 2nd game system…

Going to be a fun & busy January…

PS: I have no commercial connection with Schweig’s Themed Dungeon Generator and I was lucky enough to pick it up free during SGAM2015.




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