A 2nd post in as many days!

2 Quick updates today;

  • (N)PC random traits method
  • A background question for Izzy my Shadowrunner

A post on the Google+ Lone Wolf Roleplaying group discussed adding a random “Personality traits” to (N)PCs.

Original Post

I’ve changed my mind to use a 2D6 distribution for the bias ‘target #’ to make stronger ‘characters’ of NPCs using this method.

I’ve updated & tidied up my Google sheet some – looking for feedback 🙂

3 NPC Traits


Another post on Lone Wolf discussed using solo play to expand the known world or characters in your group play.

Original Post

A system named BOLD (Book of Legends & Deeds) came up and I used it to ask what was happening immediately before Izzy my Shadowrunner came into the running campaign.

The die rolled for the Waylay (their term for encounter/experience) gave

Hard Foes, Bounty Hunter, Exhausting, Counter action.

In my head I quickly got to this…

Izzy’s former  employers sent a bounty hunter as she went AWOL in the middle of a special project, they feared the worse. Izzy was chased across North America a long exhausting experience, to which Izzy did the unthinkable and contacted her employers directly and somehow convinced them to call off the bounty hunter rather than keep her running.

Now that brings a fair few questions 😉 – So more to follow 🙂


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