Wild Adventure – No Tolkien

A post on Lone Wolf highlighted a piece of work by James R Brown to support the One Ring Roleplaying game.

I have used it as adventure seed creator (even though I have no plans to place it in Middle Earth) – results below…

It also feels like a good introductory read on Narrative story pacing and Hero types – for all of us ‘story tellers’

Original Post

I chose to create a ‘medium’ length Wild Adventure, rolling 4D6 and placing my results in a logical order, my seeding details were;


I struggled with what looks like a transporting & trading type mission, and the notion of Capture as the challenge, yet once I rolled the word ‘Capture’ into ‘Secure’, which could become ‘Trade For’ the whole idea of a 2 part ‘trade’ based adventure came in to place.

I see a patron of one of the characters, probably a ‘chosen hero’ if the group includes one, is in need of a large heavy delivery being guided to its destination, the “Brightly Painted houses”

I’m thinking a caravan train of pack animals, and a known trading location, a port ‘Brightly coloured’ and a negotiation style encounter.

During this encounter, either as part of the negotiation, or as a further lead the Merchant is trying to get their hands on something extremely rare (and/or powerful), but is rumoured to be in the possession of somebody they have a bad history with, so puts the adventurers to work on his behalf.

Depending on the level success in negotiation and any legwork the party learn that at least the item in question (I don’t know what it is yet!) is either at or currently owned by someone going to be at a particularly special feast.

If the party do not discover enough information before arriving at the feast their will be opportunity to search for clues, and maybe the item itself (to support the Skill Focus rolled).

Stopping for now, as I’ll spoil my adventure if I give too much away!

I’m thinking I may be able to get a short Chronicles of Arax solo adventure gamebook out of this…


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