Gate & Portals – RPG Carnaval


This post on G+ RPG Community introduced to me the RPG Carnival.

This month the carnival is base on Gates & Portals, and hosted by Tales of a GM.

I had rolled a few magic items using the table found here.

One of which was a ‘gate’ I first struggled to see how I would use it; maybe someone else will work it in to their game.

ArcaneGateThe table gave me these details, the usage line should also read ‘recharges slowly over days/weeks/months’ – but I choose to tie usage to the Thematic Conditions  alone.

The below is where I got to, feel free to make changes to this so it fits in your games.

The Gate of Laima’s Bounty

A crafted and ornately carved stone ‘gate’ has always stood in the grounds of the church to the goddess Laima. Each spring women may petition the church for permission to be part of a special Spring Equinox service – where they offer a sacrifice and then pass though the gate, asking a blessing of the goddess.

The priests of Laima determine at random the order that the women pass thought the gate, not knowing that only the first few (ie the # of charges) may be effected.

Blessings requested are normally relate to their own health, increased chances of conception, or to bless the health of a baby being carried. If a supplicant does conceive after being part of the Spring Equinox service they would be expected to be at a special High Summer service.

In game terms passing though the ‘Gate’ (if a characters petition is successful) could be considered to have a powerful healing effect, possibly removing curses or other long term effects. If the character is fully healthy at the time they experience a mild increase in resistance to illness alongside increasing chances of conception.

Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laima



3 thoughts on “Gate & Portals – RPG Carnaval

  1. Hi Malc,

    This is a great gate. I really like these low-magic ideas, which fit easily into a setting. This is the kind of magic I expect most “ordinary” folk would experience. I will be using this in my game.

    Thank you for sharing, and welcome to the RPG Blog Carnival.

    Happy Gaming

    Liked by 1 person

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