Mage Knight – A Solo RPG in a box?

In conversation with a local gamer / bloger – I asked for a recommendation of a tactical board game that can be solo or group played, pretty much any setting.

The response was; Mage Knight – Definitely

Below is my thoughts after an actual game play;

Thanks to;

So having been recommend the game; I was lucky to find 2 guys willing to run an intro game for my experience – before investing in an expensive game.

Expensive, but you do appear to get a lot of stuff for your your money. A Pre-painted plastic miniature of each characters you may play. The game tiles and cards all seemed good quality and more than a few tokens. I liked the art and icons throughout – with each character having some unique cards with art matching their miniatures well.

The game play is deep, ocean trench deep, their are many things to keep track of but the turn structure makes sense and with a little repetition the basics fall in to place.

I probably can’t add much to the technicalities of what the game turn contains and how conflicts are resolved – lots of detail on Youtube videos is already available it is worth watching a couple at least.

What I do want to comment on, is how the game felt to be played;

I understand the game is designed to be competitive but their is no interaction between players during a turn.

As PVP was completely ignored as an option is this game, and in all games played by both my guides, you are left effectively watching each other play (and helping with math & rules – lots of this!)

In fact it was a good 10-15 mins between my turns with only 2 others to act, during which if you trusted the other players to get things right (based purely on the complexity of the system, not any level of dishonesty), you need not even watch their play or even talk to the players, this is not for me a ‘social’ game.

A quick googleing lead me to this old reddit thread where the themes of a being a great game vs fun to actually play is discussed. (this appears to be only one of many such threads / blogs on this game, with similar thoughts)

The game has wonderful puzzle solving style game play with character growth and a hexcrawl feel – is it a great option for board driven solo rpg?

At a grand scale, (ie dungeon delves are resolved in one turn etc) that’s how I see it, a game more solo orientated than for any form of group play.

If you replaced the included map with a randomised hexcrawl system that throws out the components that Mage knight is expecting you to encounter – it could a form a fantastic ‘never ending’ solo rpg

As many appear to say about Mage Knight – its a great game, but definitely not for everyone – and I agree, though I do need to play some more before I invest in it.

Again my thanks to;


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