…Bold Double Underline….

Today’s post is a re-starting of this Blog & Website.The old material & posts will remain as is, I have learnt some from getting this far.

I have undertaken a 100 day writing challenge to  help define what I want to create and to help motivate myself and have some actual finished product. The challenge is moderated though a closed Facebook group, this Blog & Website will be my public forum for both discussion & final outputs.

I have listed back to the launch event discussion, taken some notes and will respond to the first activities today/tomorrow.

Some initial questions from the launch event for me to consider;

What is it you plan on writing?
How much time are you going to dedicate to writing?
What are at least 3 reasons why you want to do this?
What resistance points are you aware of that hold you back? I.e. Procrastination, lack of focus?


Updates coming shortly….



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