New challenge detailed….

Hiya – well 1 day in, 1 more blog post 😉

Keeping up so far.. Questions from yesterday – with some brief notes;

  1. What is it you plan on writing?
    • Material for Solo RPG gaming – starting with…
  2. How much time are you going to dedicate to writing?
    • This is tricky to define – I have a full time job & lots of other activities I do not want to impact with this – though learning from the  challenge moderator, that early mornings are valuable, maybe I can do more with them…
      • Current ‘100 day plan’ here
      • At least 1 hour (weekday, 2 at weekends) on current project (may include research etc) on any day without other listed commitment.
      • Another 1 hour reading everyday.
  3. What are at least 3 reasons why you want to do this?
    • Personal achievement, no finical goal [yet..]
    • Dump idea’s down on ‘paper’ to get feedback & improve them.
    • Publish – starting small, build an ‘indy’ style company image
      • Make more of ‘One Player Many Stages’
  4. What resistance points are you aware of that hold you back? 
    • Time and being disciplined with myself to ‘work’ with what time I have
    • Procrastination, finding other even ‘valuable’ stuff to do.

Also taken from 100 days challenge group was the idea of writing yourself a SMART target.

Putting this in writing confirms what it is your trying to do, and asks you the right questions to make sure you have a reasonable chance of completing a given project.

Just in case you’ve not seen SMART before – its this;

  • Specific
    • who, what, when, where, which, why
  • Measurable
    • What metrics are you going to use to determine if you meet the goal?
  • Achievable
    • How can you accomplish the goal and do you have the tools/skills needed. Are there any requirements?
  • Relevant
    • Is the goal in line with your overall objectives?
  • Timed
    • When is the deadline? Can it be achieved in this time? Do you have any milestones to track progress?

And my simple SMART document for my first project is found here



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