Recover & Catch up time :/

Purple ShieldWell time blows right by you when you have full days & nights….

Since my last post, between full time work, 2 Group RPG Sessions (more than 7 hours total), 1 poker tournament & cash game session (More than 4 hours & quite profitable 🙂 ) and seeing Suicide Squad I had fallen behind on writing and sleep!

Today was for recovery (lazy morning) and then some catch up writing for the background for the…

‘Cleric of the Holy Light’

My plan to create a new character template for the Chronicles of Arax solo RPG game book system saw some traction today. I have been working on the ‘background’ story element of a classic Cleric style player option.

While I reviewed the character templates for game balance it became clear this classic option of a melee warrior with divine powers was ‘missing’ from the options, so I am please to introduce a ‘Cleric of Holy Light’.

(About as generic & non offensive as I could manage, which i considered important, maybe worth noting I am an Atheist this is just ‘make believe’ for story telling purposes etc, no personal opinion etc)  

After a couple of revisions, and checking with the already published material for consistency in style and content, here is my background ‘fluff’ as it were

The Clerics of the Holy Light are part priest, part warrior. Originating from the civilised human controlled lands of central Arax, The Order of the Holy Light is organised and structured. Worship of the Gods of the Holy Light is measured in both time and energy spent either in service to the church itself or across the wider lands of Arax.

Divinely favoured members of the church are trained in equal parts to be, missionaries, guardians of the peace and adventurers to further the aims of the Order. Robust and physical the Cleric is a strong defender of the faith, learning to be effective with mace and shield as the Order has ordained these to be the weapons of the faithful. The Order also limits its followers to wearing leather armour.

Clerics though prayer and meditation often learn healing spells and blessings which can support themselves and others though adversities, many learn to weaken and banish the Undead by the power of their faith, yet other Clerics are devoted to cleansing Arax of cultists and the Demons they summon.

I have started looking at the game mechanics and balance of this Cleric template which will include nods to the classic examples of these types of characters in role playing games, so expect healing, bless, light and so on.

Very open to feedback or questions on any of this…

Cleric figure - Edit- No Base No Shadow - Pencil Drawing Large - White



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