App Review: Adventuresmith

advsmithlogoWell I doubt this is going to become a regular thing, I don’t plan on reviewing lots of apps for us gamer types – there are so many!

However this one – Adventuresmith – for Android users is just so dam good – I have to comment on it here.

2 simple but powerful reasons. [The 3rd would be its Free!]

  1. Just in case anyone who gets to my blog hasn’t seen it yet (a long shot!).

  2. More importantly it is going to be providing me with so much great content in my solo & group gaming, so I’m getting the credit where credit is due in early!

What is it – well from its own google play page;

Adventuresmith randomly generates elements for tabletop RPGs — names, spells, items, monsters, characters, alien worlds, etc. Adventuresmith includes content from The Perilous Wilds, Stars Without Number, Maze Rats, and others! Most generators are system-neutral, and can be used to add flavor to almost any tabletop RPG.

I’ve had great results from my trialling of the generators & functions, and with more content & features coming often – its only getting better as a product.

I started with the classic OSR style Fantasy tables, all the basics covered by the early material from Wilds, Freebooters and Maze rats.

I already knew and used the Stonetop Minor Arcana generator tables, and loved the inclusion as they are just a tiny bit more complex than allows for speedy creation.

On speedy creation the app has a switch that generates not 1 but 12 results from any of the generators – no matter how complex! 🙂

And once you’ve got a number of results you like its really simple to get the exported to other apps (SuperNote Gmail, G+ and more), a new Google drive doc or even simple copy to clipboard so you can get it anywhere!

A die roller is also included, with lots of common and a couple of uncommon dice combos, I’ve never rolled a D30 or 4D4 for anything…

With the latest content additions of Kaigaku and Augmented Reality, the app covers the Western European “Fantasyland”, High Sci-fi, and now both oriential and modern / cyberpunk genres of gaming.

A great byproduct of this app is I am continually introduced to great new source content!

I’ll be posting some examples of the quality of outputs how I use them, as standalone articles. I have also just used it in the set up of my solo game. I will be starting to play & share in the next week (or 2..)

I can’t believe its still free! – Just get it!

To be clear I have no connection to the app or creator – other than as a fan of his work!



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