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The 9Q’s – Solo Adventure – Pt1


Well less than 2 weeks after saying I no longer invested in Solo gaming, I had an extra day free at short notice.

So flicking though folders, inspiration struck to try the 9 Q’s Solo RPG Engine with my new FAGE character, Tarik Ry’hal.

Tarik, is the draft character for my experimental Troll PC race.

Tarik Ry'hal

I’ve hidden the FAGE Troll PC race Homebrewery page for the moment, while I work on some edits, but it will be republished soon.

To the left is his the basics of his character sheet. The setting other than this very rare Troll PC is pretty “Classic Fantasy Land”

So using; 9q’s by JohnFiore, SoloNexus.Blogspot 2013 Edition

As a randomiser;

The dice drop table and the “and unexpectedly table” from the back page of RND magazine #2 [Feb].

The idea being I can pen & paper the game, once the PC / Laptop is off at the end of the day, and write up later.

So picking a rather trope starting point, the Heroic Motivation is; “Recover a Holy Object”. A yet I know nothing about, why, what, where or who for or from.

Q1a: What Looming Hostility inherent within the setting unexpectedly comes into conflict with the heroic motivation, threatening to worsen over time.

Random Idea Gen;     Arrow/Target/Goal – Competition     Ice Cream/Treat/Distraction – Prize

#Tarik is found in the midst of a martial tournament, no idea why or for whom, but a prize is on offer. Plus the organisers will become the patrons of the quest for the Holy Object.

#The enemy will pursue new goals, regardless of the outcome. Tarik only needs to compete – rather than win the event, for the organisers to continue with Tarik.

When / Where Inspiration Leaf   –  Robot / Mech  –  Castle / Tower  –  Swamp

The challenge takes place in the grounds of the Engineers Guilds building. (Think the Brotherhood of Masons)

  • If the NPC is defeated:
    • Inspiration – Lightning from Book
    • ?????
  • If the NPC is victorious:
    • Inspiration – Shield / Voodoo Doll
    • Goads Tarik into a rematch, while seeking advantage though magical means.

So we find Tarik in a prologue type encounter, and we confirm a few things as we have started to add some details, and individual NPC combatant, an organisation to sponsor the main adventure path.

Lets see what happens and take the story forward over the weekend…



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