The 9 Q’s – NPC generation

ic_14I will be continuing with the 9 Q’s story shortly, but I have run a test of the 9 NPC questions, using the same dice drop table from the RND magazine.

So I present – Orlar Stanison, Human Male [Name from Donjon]  

So taking the 9 questions and rolling results from the die table I discover this;

Obvious Traits

  • What is the NPCs role in the world?
    • Money Lender / Banker
  • Where is the NPCs current home / home-base?
    • Out of town, on map so ‘home’ is a little distant from current living/working
  • What is the NPC’s signature or unique talent?
    • Music

Personal Traits

  • What is the NPC’s special knowledge about others?
    • Family Connections, whom is related to who and how the families interact
  • What is the NPS’s special item/tool/possession?
    • Magical Dagger
  • What is the NPC’s true relationship to … Home?
    • Will change over time, currently more distant than liked.

Intimate Traits

  • What past experience has shaped the NPC’s current self?
    • Negotiated a piece between warring families
  • What current situation is the NPC currently embroiled in?
    • Currently separated from wife & family
  • What future goal does the NPC hope to attain?
    • Travel and see unusual animals.

An interesting set of results, I kind of like Orlar but I don’t see him in Tarik’s story.

Also I’m  not sure how the current situation & future goals combine into next steps, or link to possible adventure hooks. Maybe you can write the next chapter?





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