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Tarik Ry’hal & the Holy Object – pt 2

ic_14Picking up on what we learned in part 1: Tarik finds himself in a martial tournament, and win or lose his final opponent will be off to make other plans.[Though I will keep them in mind – just in case]

With this in mind, what is more interesting is what happens after the event….

Q2 asks: What Unusual Event occurs soon after Q1?

#Random Idea Gen: 2 Half men / Traffic cone

So shortly after Tarik wins or is knocked out of the event, 2 members of the Engineers Guild attempt to make contact with Tarik, in an attempt to send him on a path he might not yet be ready to follow, his first “given” quest….

#Express the event as an encounter featuring, Intrigue and Pursuit

Mysteriously the 2 NPC’s from the Engineers Guild approach Tarik, he was not expecting such and has had no prior dealings with them. Slow to trust others Tarik is unwilling to be controlled [as he sees it]. After they approach a 2nd & 3rd time they bring interesting news & information that grabs his attention.

#When / Where Random Idea Gen:

  • Clock face: Town square, maybe the next day simply shopping at the market.
  • Foxes head: The name of the inn Tarik currently calls home in the town.

So the members of the Engineers Guild are able to convince / negotiate with Tarik and talk him in to taking action to recover their Holy Object.

So before moving on to Q3 [The sudden twist] we again know a little more about our setting and the lengths that the Engineers are going too so that they get Tarik involved.


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