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Tarik Ry’hal & the Holy Object – pt 3

ic_14So having been contacted by the Engineers Guild who followed him back to the ‘Foxes Head’ the inn Tarik calls home.

Tarik found himself impressed by something they had to say, and is ready to listen to what they have to say, when

Q3 – What elements of the results of Q1 and Q2 suddenly get twisted together in a surprising manner, increasing the danger.

# So looking for inspiration; the die drop table gives;

  • Magical Note / Flag
  • Witch on Broomstick
  • Castle / Tower

# When / Where

  • Lightning flash – Instantly, so happens as Q2 resolves.

A messenger arrives to deliver to the Engineers Guild members a note, arriving as they speak to Tarik in the Foxes Head Inn.

The guild have been betrayed and a member has passed on the information about the Holy Object to a 3rd party. [This is possibly the opponent Tarik faced in the martial tournament]

Tarik himself agrees to continue with this request to recover the object, though feels a level of deception has been enacted upon him, he is more cautious.

From this point, Tarik is to bring the fight to the enemy, in Q4….

PS: I haven’t resolved if Tarik won the martial tournament, doesn’t appear to matter at this point. I want to build a system to reduce a 1v1 FAGE combat to just a few rolls. 

I’m considering writing up the ‘story’ in a narrative sense – though for the moment I like the system / inspiration rolls being present, happy to take feedback.


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