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Tarik Ry’hal & the Holy Object – Pt4

ic_14Returning to the adventure of Tarik R’yhal, we found the Engineers Guild has both convinced Tarik to recover a lost (stolen?) Holy Object and that they also found they have a leak / mole within their organisation.

With all this in mind on to Q4: How can the fight be brought to the enemy, gaining ground for the heroic motivation?

Motivation is to recover the Holy Object, through (in this part) Pursuit & Combat. So Tarik is to find something out by following someone, and then find himself in another fight of some kind.

#Inspiration: Foxes Head & Shield

The message includes the fact that a mercenary of sorts is staying in this very same inn has been in contact with the the group now holding the Holy Object. Tarik must attempt to follow them and learn more.

#When/Where Inspiration:
Wounded Heart / Death – At night in a graveyard.

Tarik is able to follow the identified mercenary to a meeting that occurs among the graves within the local churchyard.

The level of (multiple?) stealth check success will determine advantage in the combat that follows, did the mercenary know he was followed? will Tarik find out more about the group in the conversation before his presence is uncovered?

The combat will be at least versus the mercenary, maybe a member or 2 of the group, inc a low level mage? Members of the group holding the relic will flee rather than fight to the death, and hopefully Tarik will either have learned something more before the fight or will from a foe that is still breathing, if unconscious at this point!

#So breaking here for a RPG mechanic encounter, stealth vs perception on the journey to the meet, then a full blown combat situation in the church grounds.


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