The Veidin – Pt.1 The background

Part 1 of something quite special to me, a little something from my home game. Bit of a wall of text but I think its worth it – let me know what you think!

The Veidin  –  A force of Nature, harbingers of troubled times, A GM tool

The Veidin are to some people, a force of nature as old as and yet unbound to any of the gods or to other folk a manifestation of one or more nature deities as the myths and legends surrounding them always have the Veidin manifest themselves as harbingers of troubled times related to the conflict between the wilderness and the various races attempts to impose civilisation upon it or other impending risk to the local wild lands

To the select few they have actually presented themselves to the Veidin are an organisation of rangers, druids and other nature focused individuals attempting to keep the balance between the wilds and civilisation. Yet these individuals are all reincarnations of their former selves, for the process of becoming a Veidin is a rather intense affair.

A member of the Veidin may present themselves to a lover of and defender of the the wilderness in times of great distress for that individual. Example occasions would include after a near death incident defending others, the learning of one’s homes destruction, the betrayal of a loyal companion or other such occasion that the individual is unclear as to their value or next steps in the world and / or at risk of being consumed by simple vengeance.

A member of the Veidin of similar background and skill set would approach the individual at an appropriate time, probably while the individual takes their turn at watch in a wilderness setting or waking from meditation or other time of reflection.

The member of the Veidin will be calm, approachable and engaging without digging to deep into the troubles afflicting the individual. If the Vedin is received well and they believe the individual to be worthy of the offer of at some point in the future joining their ranks they will set a good natured challenge or task appropriate to the individuals skill set and beliefs.

If the individual competes within the spirit of the challenge and reaches the mark deemed to be successful, the member of the Veidin explain themselves and will gift an item to the potential member fully explaining the benefits and consequences of their use, while also ensuring the individual has ample time to bring themselves to a better state of mind before any irreversible actions are taken.

As joining the Veidin is irreversible and permanent requiring the individual to give their life willingly. While in full control of their actions making the final use of the item gifted the individual will die and be taken beyond the skills and abilities of any healing magics or potions.


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