Good design is not a solo endeavor!

Hope the header to this blog post grabs your attention, details below! (and a personal request)

The unexpected break in releasing stuff is now over – Expect new content!

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More Pirates!

We return to the port of Luskan for the next member of the Cast of Thousands!

I introduce, Rowan Buckman, Human Rogue with a painful past that she is either running from or may be looking to investigate.


A new protagonist…

Hi all, I have added a new protagonist to the Cast of Thousands page;

I would like to introduce Kethra Brightwind a Half-elf fighter.

Hope you like the information, layout & backstory all comments welcomed 🙂


Quick update…

Well week #1 appears to have been a success, I have written, posts have been made and apparently some people are even viewing them 🙂

I’ve added the Potion of the Centaur, to the Props post along side the Minotaur one. It is designed to be very different – a very lucky adventurer may be gifted one!

Hopefully either (or even both) find a place in your games , let me know what you think.