FAGE – Troll PC Race

BasicCastleIconWell after a few folk on the FAGE G+ Community discussed the possibility of a Troll player race and what it might ‘look’ like, I decided to build one. I based it mainly on my experience of running a Troll in a short Shadowrun campaign many moons ago…

These Trolls do not regenerate, unlike many of the ‘fantasyland’ monsters do. I just felt it could be a little unbalanced to have a regenerating PC

I have borrowed a little from the Minotaur PC race that Green Ronin published in their own Beastmen PDF

I have built a simple background and some physical description in to the format of the races presented in the core rules, but chose as my layout tool the rather fabulous D&D 5th Ed style creator – The Homebrewery.

[Mainly as I wanted to play with it as I also intend to create content for D&D]

So please find my take on what should be a very physical, intelligent, honourable and balanced Troll PC race.

The Homebrewery live page

And its current form [8 MAR 2017] as a PDF  FAGE – Troll

Very much hope someone out there creates on of these and gets some play time with them.Would be very open to feedback.

Tarik Ry’hal will get a run out at the first chance in any of my games. He may just become a force to be reckoned with!