Chronicles of Arax

As is true of many RPG gamers, I started with the ‘choose your own adventure’ game books of various complexity.  Chronicles of Arax, is a pretty good attempt at making a fully fledged RPG in this format.

Please Note: These comments are based on the core rules & other free material only.  I will purchase the premium bundle at a later point and write a separate article after some time.

Having read up on Arax, before getting started I understood its limitations and lethality. I also have some ideas on character creation & more complex adventure modules for the free version of the game.

Articles 3-5 are my thoughts on the now purchased Expansion characters 🙂

  • Article 1: A play though of Malcus vs Bloodfyre Mountain
  • Article 2: Chronicles of Arax – Character Creation (for the core rules)
  • Article 3: Expansion Characters – My thoughts Pt1
  • Article 4: Expansion Characters – My thoughts Pt2
  • Article 5: Expansion Characters – My thoughts Pt3



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