Chronicles of Arax – Bloodfyre Mountain

This my 1st play though of the adventure Bloodfyre Mountain.

Without character creation, my all round adventurer, Malcus is quickly born.

Accepting that my character is fragile and I wanted the session to be both successful and rewarding, I cheated – not by much, but enough to ‘skip though’ the 2 most lethal and frustrating encounters, plus I allowed the drinking of a healing potion at the start or any point during an encounter and added 2 to the roll for number of wounds healed.

Blow by blow actual play in detail will be added here later…. In the mean time

Having fought my way though a small tribe of Orcs, not quite dodged a couple of traps, spent some time in a maze and defeated the big bad Wizard. I have myself a 2nd level ‘Adventurer’ with a magic amulet giving the same protection as Plate Mail, a Rune Sword and Magic Sliver Shield, and picked the special skill of Evasion (to recreate the ‘skip though’ I had given my character during this adventure).

Half of the gold I liberated from the Orc tribe I donated church of the local luck deity,…

My Solo RPG   —   Chronicles of Arax


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