Chronicles of Arax – Character Creation (for the core rules)

Though part of why Chronicles of Arax works is its simplicity, it doesn’t take much thought to see ways in which a more choice could add value to the experience.

Working with the Core (and free 🙂 ) rules their are no character creation options.

However 2 ways of maintaining ‘game balance’ and being flexible could be to;

  • You have 6 D6, 1 D8 and 1 D4 for your stats, arrange them freely
  • You have a total of 48 ‘sides’ of die assign then to your stats as the sides of any physical die (ie D10 even though not used in the core rules)
    • Extra options
      • Allow a D2 (coin flip)
      • Allow the Magic characteristic to have nothing assigned to it.

Characters Wounds remains; Max roll on Endurance times 2. (D6 = 12, D8 = 16…)

As the core rules have no active spell casting, and the adventure only 1 Magic Test (5+) having nothing (or little) invested in it may increase your characters chances in this adventure, but may have an impact in other adventures.

Starting Equipment rules to remain the same, either:

  • Sword, Leather Armour and Healing potion
  • 35 gold and pick from the list

If you play and advance a created character to Lv3 (the first time a characteristic increases).

  • Fighting does not just become D8
  • Increase the Die size up by 1 from where it currently is, so if it were a D8 it becomes a D10 etc.

Apply this rule to any characteristic advancement.

I plan a nice PDF of these options with an example character, which I will write up there adventure run soon.

But I really want you to create a character (or 2, one from each option) and run the adventure and tell me how you got on.

My Solo RPG   —   Chronicles of Arax


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