Chronicles of Arax – Expansion Characters Pt1

Arax ArrowI’ve purchased the Arax bundle, read and reviewed the ‘expansion characters’. I do recommend you get the bundle, and these character options show just how creative the system can be with a little tinkering.

I read lots of comments about how ‘unbalanced’ or over powered they may be, and as I’m a numbers guy I figured I’d take a look.

This is my thoughts on the options, in rough ascending ‘power’ – in theory, I haven’t played any of them yet 😉

If I have a bias, it’s towards games with less variability in their starting characters ‘power’. The ‘Magic User’ might be week physically, but powerful etc

Arax Characters

The total skill die is pretty consistent yet;

  • The Dwarf is seemingly unfairly penalised 😦
  • The High Elf has over the average, even more so as the Strength Die is actually D8 adding 4 to the total (54) and taking the average to 6.75.
    • In combat only – other Strength tests are not effected
  • The ability of the Battle Wizard, to use Magic skill instead of Fighting Skill, this effectively raises the total to 52 & 6.5 average.
  •  The Ajin Warrior ability effects all skill checks for that stat.
    • The D12 can bring the total to between 52 & 56

If all skills are considered equal, which I believe to be the norm – the totals and averages should be constant across all character choices, unlike games where you roll your stats.

To ‘balance’ this I would;

  • Lift Total Die available for any character to 50.
  • The Ajin Warrior ‘talent’ adds 2 dies sides to any one stat (ie D6 becomes D8)
    • Personally I will randomly roll for which stat this effects before each adventure.

The starting special skills and equipment vary wildly…

Which I’ll discuss in Part 2 😉 – In the mean time let me know what you think…

My Solo RPG   —   Chronicles of Arax


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