Dungeon Squad II

Dungeon Squad II is a fantastic little game, speedy and direct, easy to solo 🙂

From it’s own blurb: Dungeon Squad II is a fantasy roleplaying game designed for quick play and no fuss. If you are ten years old this is the game for you!

The rules written by Jason Morningstar are hosted by bullypulpitgames.com though I find no reference to them on the company website; Direct Link to PDF

Dungeon Squad II has a 2 part class system, the selection of both

  • Either ‘Hero’ or ‘Rascal’ which defines a few things and
  • 6 picks from a list of ‘Specials’ – like feats or bonus to rolls

Between the 2 the game forms an opportunity to create classic fantasy RPG classes.

Game #1: Malcus & Laureen visit The Icy Temple of the Evil Wizard.


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