DSII: The Icy Temple of the Evil Wizard

Write up of a small solo Dungeon Squad II game: 

2 Hero’s – Malcus (a lv1 Fighter) and Laureen (a Lv1 Cleric) 

Both characters have 4 Good Specials (uses of specials should be apparent in the narrative) – and 6 hp so the game forms a small 3 room adventure, with a total DP of 12

This is how it played out, I’m using this as a “draft game”. I may change much of the “colouring” to fit the adventure into the setting of Eridholm a settlement that forms part of my contribution to Tenkar’s Landing.

The Adventure: The Icy Temple of the Evil Wizard

Malcus bashes down the door to the temple; and just avoids falling into the pit trap behind it…Spotting 2 snow goblins on the far side Maclus advances on one, wounding it with the first swing of his sword.

The other launches itself at Laureen, they clash weapons [Laureen activates – Heal Ally Damage 1] Malcus swings again, putting the goblin out of its frozen misery, and once on steady footing Laureen battles on wounding her assailant, and a follow up blow brings the goblin down for good.

In the middle of the next room, a large troll stands before an altar of black stone. In their haste to set themselves for this challenge, both Malcus & Laureen stumble among rusting armour and weapons, giving the advantage to the troll who strikes both Malcus and Laureen. Retaliating they both wound the monster. A final blow by Laureen kills it, but not before Malcus takes a nasty gash to his left leg. Calling on the divine power of her God, Laureen heals this wound, in short time Malcus is back on his feet and angry with the world…

Approaching the final room, the Wizard’s Laboratory, with caution, the hero’s spot both the Evil Wizard and another Snow Goblin. Calling out the name of her God Laureen startles the wizard and strides into battle. Protecting her back Malcus cuts the goblin’s flanking move off. Interrupting the wizards chant Laureen draws first blood, while Malcus also wounds the goblin. The wizard fails to recover in time and a flurry of blows ends both contests quickly.

Searching the Wizard’s lab uncovers a bag of gold coins, the wizards notes and a small amulet that appears to reduce damage taken. Malcus takes the amulet while Laureen donates much of the gold to her church, who will also help her study the wizard’s notes, hoping to find information to prevent further troubles in Eridholm.


My Solo RPG   —   Dungeon Squad II


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