Dungeon Squad II – The Card Game

While enjoying the Dungeon Squad II game as it stands – even as a solo game, I wanted to build a way to play a very simple random dungeon delve style experience.

I had looked at the Pathfinder ACG; but it did look a little cumbersome for a solo player with more than one character in a party.

So you join me right at the beginning of the games development, the only things I have decided so far are;

  1. Each card will carry one of the adventure names, from the DSII game.
  2. The main set will carry the first 72 combinations (2 of the ‘The bad guys’) and cover all the Stuff, Junk, Treasure and both Traps and Monsters found in the game. Any expansions would be 36 cards big and be very tightly thematic.
  3. The game will play from one stack of cards, turn over enough cards to fill a room, resolve that room and then move on to the next.

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