Tenkar’s Landing Hex #2218

Tenkar’s Landing is a fully Crowdsourced Sandbox Setting;

The community started as followers of the blog, Tenkar’s Tavern with the early work starting in Oct 2014, a G+ community  was created for the creation of the setting.

I joined the effort late – claiming the last hex on The Island of Eilean Dubh. These articles are based on the original submission, I aim to build upon this work as a setting for my solo gaming. The village of Eridholm being the home for my characters, and the Island a source of adventure.

  • Article #1: Overview of Eridholm and its surroundings (a 6 mile hex)
  • Article #2: The people of Eridholm
  • Article #3: Building of interest in Eridholm [Coming Soon]
  • Article #4: Other places of interest near Eridholm [Coming Soon]

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