Eridholm – Overview

The region at the furthest South-East point of the Isle of Eilean Dubh is dominated by a range of hills forming shear cliffs along much of both the North and South shores.

HEX 2218 Tenkars Landing

Eridholm is a small settlement that nestles between these hills on the Eastern most tip of Eilean Dubh;

Originally formed as a landing point of a number of successful raids by settlers that arrived on the isle from the West, even though that race has fallen into history the settlement continued and is now made up of around 200 men, women & children. The village is almost completely Human, with only 1 or 2 individuals from the other sentient races settled here. Outsiders of any race are typically treated well.

Other known points of interest in the immediate surrounding area include;

  • A shrine to the Gods of the original settlers
  • A tower that shows no signs of age, even though it is from the time of the first civilization
  • A manor house from a wealthy family of the first civilization, in contrast to the tower, now in ruins
  • An independent farmstead

Eridholm is lead by the self styled ‘Earl’ Igan Khalid, the head of the largest family. Other families and long term settlers have given their allegiance to the Earl. A small council has been formed to support the Earl, the head of the next largest family, Lady Lei Ankhalab, and two others both from outside of these families Chathi Wan & Pavel Dotsk. The Earl would have the deciding vote if required – however most decisions are made without such formalities.

Earl Khalid recognises the town of Hardby to the West and works with the council there, though beyond a small tax levy and trade agreements Eridholm is left pretty much to its own devices. The port is used for fishing and is on the trade route around Eridholm and the lands to the south and east. This leads to a mixed vibrant feel, enjoyed by many and abused by few.

The men (and on occasion women) of Eridholm if not active in the common trades of fishing & farming have been known to travel to Hardby to train with or join the Town watch. Others to return to Eridholm in a similar role or sell themselves as mercenaries or guides. A few brave men & women have gone on to seek adventures across or even beyond Eilean Dubh.

Projects   –   Tenkar’s Landing Hex #2218


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