The People of Eridholm

The classes & levels of the people of Eridholm could be considered as;

Hex 2218 People

People of interest in Eridholm include;

Earl Igan Khalid: Fighter – Lv5

Igan Khalid is a male human who is short, with auburn hair and amber eyes. On the rare occasions he needs to, Igan wears banded mail and wields a battleaxe and heavy steel shield.

The Earl is in his mid 40’s, married and has 2 sons, both of whom are married with families of their own. In addition to working with the council in Hardby the Earl has travelled to or hosted members of the authorities of Tenkar’s Landing, though this has become very rare.

Lady Lei Ankhalab: Aristocrat – Lv3

Lei Ankhalab is a female human with has black hair and green eyes. She wears fine raiment and jewellery. Lady Ankhalab leads her family, and remains the 2nd member of the council,  after losing her husband last year, it is not usual for a woman to remain the head of her family while remaining single, it would be normal for it pass to her oldest son whom is of sufficient age. She has on occasion suggested that she intends to remarry, and retain her seat on the council. Though nothing is even rumoured about the potential new husband.

Chathi Wan: Cleric – Lv3

Chathi is female and has auburn hair and green eyes. She wears modest garments. Chathi is the 3rd and oldest member of the council (over 50), holding the position as the head of the Church of Bazadan in Eridholm. Chathi has no family in Eridholm, but has a younger sister in Hardby. She tends to enunciate overly clearly and is argumentative in her dealings with others.

Pavel Dotsk: Fighter – Lv3

Pavel a tall human male with white hair and blue eyes. He wears splint mail and wields a war-hammer and throwing axe. Pavel is an adventurer who has settled in Eridholm for some time, and his wider experiences have proved useful while in the position of the 4th member of the council. He no longer adventures beyond the eastern side of the isle of Eilean Dubh after some problem in the town of Tenkar’s Landing.

Randal Lao: Druid – Lv1

Randal is tall and slender male human, with white hair and soft green eyes. He wears hide armor and wields a club. Randal has an animal companion, a forest owl named Lanche. The druids have a small following in the common people of Eridholm. The church and the druids have, on the surface, a tolerant relationship.

Hulmarra Kulenov: Druid – Lv1

Hulmarra is a female human, recognizable for her distinctive nose. She has high Constitution and low Wisdom. She tends to speak softly and is quiet in her dealings with others. She is protective of a sentimental keepsake and loyal to a benefactor outside Eridholm. Unknown to Randal and other worshipers at the shrine Hulmarra possesses knowledge of the original uses of the shrine.

Jasmal Pisacar: Cleric – Lv1

Jasmal is a female human, recognizable for her missing teeth. She has high Wisdom and low Dexterity. She has a talent: she draws beautifully. Jasmal tends to bite her fingernails and is honest in her dealings with others. She is drawn to a place special to her. If you asked her, she would say that her Ideal is, “Community!”

Igan Helder: Bard – Lv2

Igan is a male human, recognizable for his flamboyant or outlandish clothes. He has high Charisma and low Strength. He has a talent: he sings beautifully. He tends to speak in a particularly high or low voice and is steady in his dealings with others. He is protective of a valuable possession. If you asked him, he would say that his Ideal is, “Discovery!” If he has a flaw, it is that he has a specific phobia.

Zasheida Tallstag: Wizard – Lv 2

Zasheida is a female human, recognizable for her tattoos. She has a talent: she has perfect memory. She tends to bite her fingernails and is secretive in her dealings with others and is protective of a sentimental keepsake. Zasheida knows she has a flaw, it is that she is arrogant and dismissive of both the church and the druids.

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