Places of Interest near Eridholm

The area near Eridholm has a few other points of interest;

HEX 2218 Tenkarslanding

A Shine in the small woodland to the north of Eridholm

The original settlers of Eridholm constructed a shrine to their gods in the woodland to the just the North-West of this the launching point of their raids onto the Isle of Eilean Dubh. The use of the shrine during this period included cremation of the dead and sacrifice of animals, rumors still abound of possible human sacrifice during this period. The Druids of Eridholm continue to use the shrine, publicly in simple nature god worship.


A tower that has stood since the time of the first civilization on this isle

The tower shows no signs of age or decay even though it is known to have stood longer than anyone in Eridholm could know and long predates the raids that formed the settlement. Nothing is known by the current settlers of Eridholm about its original purpose or owners, recent rumours include ‘witchcraft’ & ‘devil worship’ possibly related to news of ‘Chaotic’ activity to the west. Older rumours suggest that it was home to members of the first and much more advanced civilization on Eilean Dubh, and is hides a number of underground workshops of various sizes and purpose. The academics of Tenkar’s Landing may know more.


A ruined manor house

In the North West of the region stood the summer home of a wealthy family of the old advanced civilization, now a ruin, in contrast to the near perfect condition of the tower in the South of the region. The large grounds contain two additional ruins, the remains of smaller houses.


An independent farmstead

A farmstead where they grow hops and raise pigs. In addition to a large wooden two-story manor house, there is also small chicken coop.


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