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Tarik Ry’hal & the Holy Object – Pt4

ic_14Returning to the adventure of Tarik R’yhal, we found the Engineers Guild has both convinced Tarik to recover a lost (stolen?) Holy Object and that they also found they have a leak / mole within their organisation.

With all this in mind on to Q4: How can the fight be brought to the enemy, gaining ground for the heroic motivation?

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Tarik Ry’hal & the Holy Object – Catch Up

ic_14So as a very quick recap;

Having found our Troll warrior, Tarik Ry’hal in the midst of tournament combat organised by the Engineers Guild.

After either wining or losing, Tarik was then approached a number of times by representatives from the Guild.

Wary of all guild members and having had no prior contact with the Engineers it wasn’t until they found him at the Foxes Head tavern and provided further information about their request that he adventure to recover a lost (stolen?) Holy Object that he became interested.

This encounter was then interrupted by a messenger to the Guild NPC’s, reporting that a 3rd Party had also been given the same information and the pressure of time was added to any dangers that faced Tarik.